With G+ shutting down in 10 months, it's the perfect time for Mastodon and federated networks to rise above being clones. Ask G+ users what they liked, why they stuck with it. Build better tools into these networks to accept the migrants. And of course demonstrate why federated platforms can be a better design.

cc: @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup et al

@cassidyjames what will happen to the elementary community? I'm running a community there, too, with about 2000 users... I'm not willing to move to Facebook...

@dubst3pp4 we have a subreddit and other online communities, so when G+ shuts down, it shuts down. 🤷‍♂️

@cassidyjames @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup Yeah, but it will be difficult to match the UX. Even today after years of virtually no investment Google+ web and especially the app is pleasure to use compared to others.

@cassidyjames @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup
I think Friendica has everything they would expect, but its UX is not perfect

I think the hardest part will be the fact that you have to explain what "federated" is in the first place. Keep in mind that the fact that it's more complicated than "register and use immediately" will make it extra hard to convince less tech savvy people to join, just because most don't care about the freedom it offers.
@Gargron @pixelfed @dansup

@vancha @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup tech-savvy is what thrived on G+, though. A lot of users are open source and/or Android fans who were sick of Facebook.

@cassidyjames @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup
Sure a lot of google+ users were above average users when it comes to how technical they are, but that might not be the group of users to convince. It's the less technical users that should have a clear picture of federated services.

@jpfox @cassidyjames @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup yes, there are a lot of tech-savvy people on G+, I used it as my main source of tech news. In a way, it was like reading news, except written by people that you'd actuallyl want to hear news from.

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