I wonder what this means for future monetization of GitHub. I am happy to pay $7/mo for private repos, and kind of liked that public source code was the default (i.e. for free). But now I don't really see the need to pay for GitHub for my usage. blog.github.com/2019-01-07-new


Some screenshots from the GitHub UI showing the new copy ("Pro") and the downgrade. Apparently free accounts get unlimited private repos w/3 collaborators but no “advanced code review tools.” Does anyone know what that means?

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So GitHub Free users get unlimited private repos now, but they lack protected branches, code owners, GitHub Pages (!), and wikis. So, no spinning up a GitHub Pages site with a private repo on the free plan. So I'll keep paying that $7/mo. :)

@cassidyjames I don’t read it that way. If you scroll down far enough on github.com/pricing - under collaboration, I see Pages & Wikis - Public Repository. Is that not the same?


> no spinning up a GitHub Pages site with a *private* repo on the free plan.

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