The decision for Signal to not back up messages by default—and to make users deal with the backup files manually—is kind of decision that sours people on privacy-first technology. If your out of the box experience is that users lose data, it's not good.

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I lost all of my chats when I got a new phone. I lost all of my chats when I reset my phone. I would lose all of my chats again if my phone ever broke. Instead, Signal should inform users that they need to pick a password for encrypted backups, then let them automatically backup.

Mobile platforms have built-in encrypted backups. I can understand not fully trusting that, and requiring an extra layer of encryption. But your default experience should not be users losing their data. And if you wanted, you could integrate with Dropbox, Drive, etc.

If you don't trust your own encryption when stored in the user's encrypted cloud storage, then I hate to break it to you: the user is going to manually store that backup in much worse places. Like in Dropbox, synced to their unencrypted computers that aren't password protected.

@cassidyjames elementaryOS doesn't come with any backup solution. Are you planning something, e. g. akin to Timemachine?

@cassidyjames Speaking of unencrypted PC's. Looking forward to hearing news about the new installer, especially after the 'encrypt my home folder' was taken out of action from the current one 😥️

@cassidyjames In my point of view, part of the "encrypt everything" philosophy is to let go. We need to forget and move on.

@babel that is a distinctly different concern and has its own implications. Unexpectedly throwing out people's data is an awful, hostile experience and will guarantee that you lose users.

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