You don't have to be an expert on a topic to write a blog post. The best "101" introductory blog posts are often the ones where you're walking through how YOU learned something new - both the wins and the struggles.


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Honestly, I am much more willing to read a piece from a new learner than from most experts—I have found that experts often have a difficult time distinguishing between what is actually common knowledge to an outsider and what they just have internalized as “common knowledge.”

I recently read an “easily write apps in this language/toolkit” post aimed at web devs and felt lost right away. They assumed I knew a lot of concepts that were foreign to me coming from a web background & threw around terms that are unique to the language without explaining them

@cassidyjames the old assumed knowledge problem. like I remember in the 90s watching tv shows that were “teaching math” but would only make sense if you already understand the math being explained.I’d be chrious what article you read.

teaching is hard and I don’t know how to do it properly. I do know that the way we learn is by example and we synthesise general principles from examples. our instinct is to teach how its stored in our brains: as general principles. it doesn’t work.

@cassidyjames the trouble I have found in using this idea to teach is finding the right level of abstraction. one person’s reasonable example is another person’s pile of assumed knowledge they don’t know. so the blog about a learner writing about something they just learned can be great, but still assumes the reader is at a similar level. hmm.

@zensaiyuki I don't really want to point fingers/pick on the author, so I'm not gonna point it out specifically. But I've had multiple similar experiences!

@cassidyjames fair call. i suppose i have been experiencing it more and more too. i am old school plain web tech and a lot of stuff nowadays is about specific frameworks, and i am starting to feel pretty darned alienated. i don’t think I am alone.

@cassidyjames but i also can look back at history and see programmers getting upset about compilers for high level languages with similar sounding complaints. i am skeptical that this new stuff is such a cut and dry obvious improvment though. framework based SPAs break a lot of stuff.

@cassidyjames I'd be interested to know the language / toolkit being taught, if not the piece specifically

@cassidyjames As a Rust beginner myself I've definitely found it has a lot of jargon and new concepts :-(

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