Well that was easier than expected. Installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 on the Raspberry Pi 4, then effectively converted it to an elementary OS install. Pretty whack.

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@cassidyjames Your posts here are the first I've seen about using a real, full desktop on the Pi 4.

And I've searched β€” including YouTube too.

Everything else was theoretical or showing something like XFCE with a panel, some lightweight browser, and basically other stuff that looked like it was from the 90s.

How well does the Pi 4 work as a desktop? Would you mind sharing a video at some point? Do you think people could use it full-time?

@garrett @cassidyjames mine just shipped, curious to see how well #Fedora Workstation with @gnome runs on it

@michel_slm @garrett @gnome yeah I don't know why more people aren't on it. I would guess because the default Raspbian UI is NOT sexy (even just changing a couple of things makes it SO much better), and there aren't any other official desktop images for it yet. I might put together a guide and record a video if the experience is decent enough and reproducible enough!

@cassidyjames @garrett @gnome before the Pi 4 the older models probably are not powerful enough for anything beyond LXDE/XFCE or similar desktops?

I intentionally waited for the 4GB model which was in short supply, just to make sure it has enough oomph. The USB C misimplementation is a bit annoying, was hoping to be able to travel with it and not carry an extra charger, but oh well.

@michel_slm @garrett @gnome doesn't it work fine with most chargers, though? I'm using my Dell laptop charger and it's been fine. I am pretty sure I heard phone chargers like for the Pixel also worked fine.

@cassidyjames @garrett @gnome oh good to know. Can't tell, I have a coworker who also has the Pi 4 on the way but since we both ordered the 4GB model we're just speculating based on what we hear in the news.

@michel_slm @garrett @gnome I also got the 4GB model and just received it, hence all the playing around! Hopefully you all get yours soon!

@cassidyjames @michel_slm @garrett @gnome I think a script with a few comments might be a welcome thing too.

Something else: What is the display you're using there?

@RasmusLindegaard @michel_slm @garrett @gnome a really old 1080p AOC display. Doesn't even have HDMI… I have to use an adapter to DVI.

@cassidyjames I see that you have kept it open, without the case. Does the Pi get really hot?

@ashwinvis it definitely gets toasty. I mostly have it naked because I just got it and don't have a case, heat sync, etc. for it yet. But I did just preorder that FLIRC case because it looks NICE. No idea when it'll ship, though.

I think I saw on HN that some guys were drilling the case and putting a fan on the Pi 4. I have Pi 3B+ and it gets hot and starts throtlling CPU too. Thankfully I am in the nordics, so I just put it next to the window. It works.(except for Summer).

@ashwinvis yeah I think I saw that on YouTube as well. I'd rather just buy a case/kit with a fan and or heat sink.

@cassidyjames My dad has one just like it i think (the DVI + VGA version, not just the VGA.) his is FHD (or something higher) he got it a couple of years ago for $10. Considering what I'm using myself (an ANCIENT samsung FHD LCD TV) I'm actually kind of jealous πŸ™ƒοΈ

@RasmusLindegaard yeah this one has VGA as well. Probably the same model! It's decent, just old. Viewing angles aren't great, but the brightness and color seem good.

@cassidyjames Exactly. But then: viewing angles is rarely a problem for a PC screen.

@RasmusLindegaard eh, I disagree. Especially when it's poor vertical angles: you have to get in JUST the right spot to not get color inverting, and the stand doesn't really adjust to help with that. Displays have gotten a lot better in the last decade.

@cassidyjames I suppose that's true.

I usually stack books so i don't have to turn my head down or anything, to look straight into the display. I hate having to do that, and I guess that's why I have the opinion i have.

I don't recall dad's display having an awful viewing angle. But i guess it's relative to the fact that both the displays I use on my desktop are a decade old, and my laptop is 6Β½ years old now.

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