Chrome developer saying they can’t reproduce a bug they introduced on elementary OS (and presumably any desktop with a close button on the left) because they couldn’t reproduce it on “Linux 18.04” shows how much Google understands and cares about desktop Linux.

Hint: they don’t.

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@cassidyjames Chrome's dominance of the browser market frustrates me. Firefox lagged pretty hard for a while but they've improved A LOT in the last few years, for what you might think from everyone Simon on them at every opportunity.

@feoh @cassidyjames I've written a page for webdevs concerned about Chrome's dominance (which I think I can improve slightly now):

And I'd recommend checking out NetSurf, Dillo, or my Rhapsode web browsers. The latter's designed specifically for interaction via verbal speech.

FLOSS does need a stronger browser (engine) ecosystem, especially if the dominant one doesn't understand how varied "Linux" actually is!

@cassidyjames Don't care about elementaryOS and others 0.01% linux distributions? It's right :D

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