I launched a new blog this week. It's stupidly fast, uses zero external JS or CSS resources, is responsive, and supports modern features many sites don’t like dark style support. But Google just emailed me saying they might deprioritize it on Google because it doesn’t use AMP.

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IT DOESN’T NEED AMP. It’s entirely static, is as fast as or faster than AMP sites, and is served from a fast global CDN with aggressive caching.

I’m INCREDIBLY tired of Google abusing their position as the global search monopoly to push their tech on sites or fear being demoted.

@cassidyjames They are completely serving the implementation, not the goal. Hugely partial whether they boost AMP sites, or deprioritize non-AMP sites. Unless I missed something, the goal behind AMP was to provide cutting edge performance to all devices and networks. That's end is something I'm okay with encouraging via search prioritization.

@cassidyjames In other words, it's fine if you give AMP a boost because it guarantees the performance metrics, but you are boosting those metrics, not AMP.

@alex the email explicitly said that I could be deprioritized because when they tried to crawl am arbitrary `/amp` version of the blog, it 404'd. Because it doesn't exist, because it doesn't need to. When I checked if the site would just be considered AMP, it didn't validate because I didn't include AMP-specific markup in the site (which served no direct performance improvement). It's monopoly behavior to scare sites into adopting Google tech.

Google just wants to cram more analytics into the webpages and ads into images while forcing site maintainers to compensate for it

@cassidyjames your site runs faster without amp

@succfemboi @cassidyjames @alex I stopped caring about Google and switched to DuckDuckGo.

My blog is also completely static.

End results? My blog is blazing fast, and my semantic HTML with focus on content results in more hits.

@cassidyjames Sounds like some gangsters want protection money or something bad might happen to your blog.

@cassidyjames Thing is, brother, you're fighting the good fight. Don't let them tell you that you're not.

@cassidyjames If you need an AMP site you're doing something wrong.

@PlutoisAPlanet @cassidyjames WTF WTF WTF they prioritize based on #AMP? (I mean they always did with that slider for showing "news" content from AMP, but in search results they official say they include it??)


That is fucking stupid.

I also have a static site. My site doesn't use Javascript, so every byte of AMP would be code that my site does not need.

Then there's the whole "using CSS to create custom elements" thing that is core to AMP. My site doesn't need that.

My site works well in text-mode browsers. I even simultaneously post to Gopher while more-or-less keeping the same format.

Using AMP would lose the key distinguishing features of my product.

@cassidyjames How is the server response times from different parts of the world, though? Maybe it’s fast for you in central US but slow for Australians. Do you have a CDN? I’m not defending Google’s stance but they may have a point even if your documents are technically awesome.

@da it's served from a fast, global CDN with aggressive caching.

@cassidyjames Hm. I’m in the same boat. Don’t wanna do AMP but they sure want me to do AMP.

@cassidyjames The worst thing about it is not knowing for sure whether your site is negatively affected or not.

@cassidyjames I guess you have the same reservations against Yandex.Turbo?

@da sounds like that's a client side technology and not something being pushed on web developers?

@cassidyjames No, it’s something they push on web publishers. You can think of it as pushing full-content length RSS feeds and auto-formatting them to AMP-like pages. (Because that’s what it is.)
It’s the same raw deal as AMP but for the CIS market.

@cassidyjames why did Google know that you just launched a blog?

@hirojin because they crawl the entire internet, and it is on an existing subdomain they know about. So they emailed the webmaster on record for that domain.


Blog about it and spread it. I disabled AMP on my blog long time ago to protest. Also switched from Google to Qwant search engine.

@cassidyjames mit welchem Theme/Design?

Ich suchte mal erfolglos für ein Theme ohne JavaScript.

@txt_file it's actually just a custom thing we put together. I'm hoping to open up the source soon.

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