This would have sounded like sci-fi conspiracy nonsense not that long ago, but: the US government has military spy balloons flying above my hometown, potentially watching and recording all vehicle movements. Umm, wtf?

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@cassidyjames "That suggests that the balloons might also carry a Sierra Nevada video capture system called Gorgon Stare."

Ok.... o.O

This is why North Korea have their stock underground

@cassidyjames The scenarios they must be prepping for are pretty grim indeed. This is truly ideal if you want to keep a whole city in lockdown. Keep a lid on mass refusal to cooperate with some order from the goons with the big guns.

the dystopian scifi novel known as reality 


This is really, really very obviously bad.

I mean has no one who works for these companies ever seen a dystopian scifi movie or read a scifi book?

I have zero faith in these people not to destroy democracy.

@cassidyjames dear conspiracy theorists: Please stop giving your government ideas.

@cassidyjames It would be a shame if someone would steal, let's say, 10 of those balloons and sell the equipment...

@cassidyjames I have had discussions about these with the more bootlicker leaning members of my family and was surprised about their lack of concern. They think these are a wonderful idea that will help cut down crime and stop terrorists (which they may very well do) but dismiss any thoughts about the ability to surveil and control the populace. It's not like we have a good track record when it comes to the government and marginalized groups or non-standard political thought.

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