I’m doing a bit of reading about Medium’s model for a story I’m writing. On a story written by the CEO of Medium, posted to the official Medium publication, published under their company information tag:

“Sorry, give us money to be able to read about our monetization model!”


This is too perfect and exemplifies major issues I have with Medium:

1. It’s non-obvious a story is monetized until you hit a brick paywall

2. Critical informational stories should not be monetized, as it limits the audience

3. Official company blogs should NEVER be monetized

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And for context: I’ve actually written stories behind their paywall, as an experiment! I probably made more money off of it than if I’d published on my own blog, as I don’t have any monetization on my blog. But also, I made less than it would cost for me to subscribe to Medium.

If I wrote full time, I’m sure I could make… some sort of money. But I don’t, and I’m not really interested in chasing that sort of paycheck.

I appreciate that Medium is attempting *something* to monetize content without resorting to ads, but I don’t think it’s working.


Nothing is more frustrating than scrolling part way down and being locked out of a piece. Especially when doing a lit review or research that depends on the Article.

#1, while egregious, is just a poor UX choice. It should be transparent to the reader they they will only be able to read a portion of the content. Especially when some content is free and other content is not.

As for 2 I agree critical information should be publicly available. This @cassidyjames
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includes things like issues with local drinking water, amber alerts, etc. A blog about monetization does not fall under critical information.

For 3, best practice for official correspondence with stakeholders is to provide them information in a way that minimizes the barrier to access. Paywalls are certainly not a low barrier means of access. However, is the content of the blog truly a means of communicating with its stakeholders? I'm sure they have much more clear @cassidyjames
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@alexjgriffith as a potential author who would want to monetize my work, this is where Medium directs me to talk about their business model. It's crucial information for that task. And it is behind a paywall, which I guess tells me everything I need to know about their business model.

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