People bragging about having a credit card with an Apple logo is peak capitalism. “Look, I can loan money from Apple on demand, and it’s shiny AND makes me feel like I’m outsmarting the entire financial industry that exists solely to profit off of me! Oh, and the app is so nice!”

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Like, you realize the *only* reason Apple made this product is to make buttloads of money off of you, right?

Maybe I’m weird but: I don’t spend money I don’t have. I really like Simple and their app, and it’s all using a debit card. And it works with Google Pay and Apple Pay for that convenient and futuristic tap-my-watch way to pay.

@cassidyjames I spend the money I have, but I let the credit companies get in between so they’re on the line for fraud instead of me. Banks aren’t very helpful or timely if your debit funds are subject to fraud.

@cassidyjames I might have missed your point on this if it's geared more towards how awesome some CC is over another, but for my perspective, minutes 43:15 - 46:10 sums up my philosophy on credit over debit from Frank Abignale himself:

@cassidyjames Does Apple sell your purchasing habits to 3rd parties? If so, this is a win for privacy vs other cards.

@feld I mean my bank doesn't with my debit card. But who knows what Goldman Sachs does since it's their credit card…

@cassidyjames yeah, debit cards are terribly unsafe. If you re a fraud victim YOUR money is gone and you have to fight to get it back

Credit cards are bank money. If there's fraud they fight to get THEIR money back. You are not personally harmed. You'll still have money to pay your bills, rent, etc

@feld how often are you a victim of fraud? The literal one time that's ever happened to me, the bank handled it with my debit card just fine.

@cassidyjames me? Once in the last 5 years. I have good opsec. Gas station attendant skimmed my card. Couldn't pay at pump. Now I only fill up at Mobil where I can use the app and pay via Apple Pay. Well, I don't even do that much because my primary car is a Tesla now.

My mom? About 20 times in the last 5 years.
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