In preparation for my upcoming talk at , I’ve updated my blog post calling for a FreeDesktop Dark Style Preference. More details, more screenshots, and updated info from other platforms (like the iOS 13 beta).

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@cassidyjames wow, that's a quite thorough write up! Thanks for that, hopefully the proposal will get some traction.

Have a great time at — unfortunately this year in won't be able to attend, so I'll keep an eye around for the talk recordings.


@cassidyjames A small correction: "Light or dark style in Android 9 Pie; screenshots from Android Police" - that's Oreo, not Pie. :)

@exalm I think they added it to the Pixel Launcher in 8 Oreo, then expanded it to all devices (or tweaked it?) in 9 Pie?

@cassidyjames I have an option for dark style in settings on Pie, but I'm not sure whether it is a stock thing or comes from the custom ROM. It definitely wasn't there on Oreo, dark mode was determined by wallpaper. Also, in Pie it becomes dark with battery saver mode.

@cassidyjames I think as well as dark mode, an accessibility/high-contrast mode should also be a thing too.

@cassidyjames Doesn't GTK currently do it by setting the 'theme' to HighContrast? in which case it doesn't work if an application isn't using Gtk to draw (e..g games) and web browsers could tell a page they prefer a high contrast mode.

@PlutoisAPlanet For elementary OS we don't support the high contrast GTK stylesheet anymore because it breaks so many apps; instead, we strive to have contrast compliance everywhere. But that's fair, yeah I see what you mean.

@cassidyjames The GTK HighContrast sheet seems to change "too much".

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