Announcing this year’s new gadget—which you do every year—as “the ______est version we’ve EVER made” is so entirely pointless. Yes, I would hope the latest model is the best you’ve ever made. That’s not impressive. Stop saying it as if it’s some grandiose achievement.

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@cassidyjames What's even sillier are car commercials that announce "the all-new ____".

I really hope the car isn't actually all new. It's much better to iterate and improve upon previous designs than scrapping everything and starting over each year. 🙂

Gods, no!

The only thing worse than "This season's gadget is the best ever!" would be "We're now offering an affordable alternative to the new thing introduced last season"

*Usually* the giant accomplishments of tech are just dwarves sitting on one another's shoulders in a great stack with a trench coat thrown over the top, but sometimes the top dwarf in the stack is hanging over backwards trying to wrap a sheet around the mess and pretend it's a toga because the latest big thing wasn't cool enough (for the price)

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