Let’s say you have a keyboard without a physical Caps Lock indicator. Your OS lets you toggle on a system indicator to show you Caps Lock. When should the icon be visible? And comment with why/more details. :)

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Here’s a graphic. First choice would be like the Bluetooth icon, where it shows dimmer when off, brighter when on. Second would be like the “US” icon here, where it shows up when the feature is on, and disappears completely when off.

Poll: When should the icon be visible? And comment with why/more details. :)

@cassidyjames Only when on, you don't need to remind users that caps lock is available like you do with Bluetooth.

@cassidyjames voted

Always, brighter when on

it'd be too much hassle to to turn it on if the symbol were to vanish.

@hirojin I imagine the keyboard still has a Caps Lock key, just no physical indicator usually? So you could just hit the key to toggle it on/off, right?

@cassidyjames i have no key for toggle bluetooth on this laptop tho

only for wifi (or maybe it's wifi + bluetooth?)

@cassidyjames (also, i have my Caps Lock key mapped to be another Esc key)

@cassidyjames I think I would include it in the keyboard layout icon.
us as default and US when caps lock is on

@skranz that icon is not always visible, and was shown because I was testing the keyboard indicator with multiple layouts. And honestly, an uppercased US versus a lower-cased us would be very hard to distinguish in an icon at that size.

@cassidyjames maybe inside the text field would be a good place to show.

@PlutoisAPlanet we have thought about that, but first, that requires each app to implement it and second, there are often already other icons packed in there.

@cassidyjames For me, the indicator should only be visible when Caps Lock is on.
Why? Because I only use Caps Lock for one minute every month, the rest of the time I'd like to forget about it.

@cassidyjames On my macOS I'm using a keyboard without a caps lock, and to detect if it gets triggered (I used to have it mapped to a combination, but have since dumped it completely as an un-necessary feature) I'm running Captin

As such it displays in the notification area all the time, because I need to know that Captin is running at all. This might not be necessary if the capslock indicator was inherent and therefore reliably present.

Captin also does other notifications when pressing the key, but I find I'm mostly a watch-the-keyboard typist and don't really notice visual feedback. Audio is good.

@cassidyjames There seems to be a rising push-back against the very concept of a caps lock key these days - especially as so many people are getting used to the phone input method of double-shift. Perhaps thinking about all of the caps-lock topic rather than just the indicator would be useful ... like giving people easy ways to remap it ...

@cassidyjames @elementary It sounds like, since this indicator has to be activated, it should also have am option controlling whether the CAPS OFF status has a visible indicator. I like the idea of combining it with the language mode selection, but having it go away when the keyboard is normal is appealing.

Windows has the option to hide the Bluetooth systray icon when BT is off, for comparison.

@cassidyjames only visible when toggled would be my suggestion. Most people (in my completely unscientific estimation based on no empirical evidence) use the caps lock only rarely if at all. I wonder if a better solution than an icon would be to pop up a “caps lock on” “caps lock off” pop up on the screen, similar to how the volume up and down pops up on many OSes. (I realise this doesn’t exactly answer what you asked. Sorry!)

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