Starbucks is big enough they could probably switch over to completely reusable coffee cups and cause the industry to follow. Bring a reusable cup and get your coffee like normal. Forgot yours? You can buy one at or slightly above cost along with your coffee.

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Risks to address:

People treat the reusable cups as disposable anyway. I don't see a *massive* chance of this happening given the financial incentive to not do so. But maybe have a discount program where returning used cups also reduces the cost or fills your Starbucks account.

Potential customers choose a different coffee shop to avoid the “cup tax” or hassle of bringing a cup. I *think* Starbucks is large enough w/loyal enough customers that this is also not a huge issue. Legislating it could ensure an equal playing field, but idk that’s the answer.

The second risk could also be addressed with aggressive advertising showing how green it is and how they’re so forward-looking to aim for zero waste. Progressive customers would likely want to support them, and competing coffee shops would also want to piggyback on the good vibes

Is this a terrible idea? I’d love to see them trial something like this. But I think it’s too risky for a smaller coffee shop or chain to try—I feel like you need Starbucks-scale to be the trend setter here.

@cassidyjames a great idea, if people gripe they should get over it, the world is dying, these are first world problems in the extreme.

another downside is that employees would have to handle potentially dirty cups from customers, and thus reducing the overall hygiene level of any of the drinks prepared, as well as for instance other foods such as sandwiches handled.

and several other shops with *self-service* hot beverage booths here in do allow you to bring your own cup though; if you don't bring one, you usually have to pay about 10–15 Norwegian kroner (≈1.11-1.66 USD) for a paper cup.

@FiXato eh, almost all coffee shops around here let you bring in your own cup, so I'm not sure how that would affect sanitary standards. They should already be equipped to handle that.

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