Massive corporations do not have your interests at heart. No matter what they tell you about privacy, security, etc., you as an individual do not matter to them and they will bow to other interests first. Remember this in 2020, and support independent open source projects.

What this means practically: Apple will say that privacy is a fundamental human right, but their actions show they don’t believe that right extends to over a billion people in China.

Google will say they value their privacy and while they seem to do a good job keeping your actual data to themselves, it fuels a massive industry of invasive and dangerous data collection and ad targeting.


Microsoft will say they love Linux, and some of their current actions back that up—but they are so massive they could pivot at any point to attempt to crush any threat to their business models.

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While I don’t believe a corporation is a moral entity (they are amoral groups whose actions reflect the morality of those in power), I do believe any massive company will not value individuals above all other interests.

I also don’t believe it’s immoral to use products by these companies; you gotta live your life. But whenever possible, we should be redirecting our support to truly open source and free software efforts from independent and smaller organizations.

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