Spent about 10 minutes in the Mastodon “Federated” tab. Followed some folks who looked interesting. My timeline is about to get a lot more active, hopefully!

@cassidyjames It's nice. I've chatted with and followed some people after searching some hashtags and it's been rewarding.

@cassidyjames On Twitter, I have made it a point to especially try to follow people who are not-abled-white-men* to diversify my timeline. It was already a little diversified, but has been getting moreso. And it's rewarding. I've read and thought about things that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

(I still follow people I know who may happen to be abled white men too, if I actually know them.)

Having a diverse feed also helps when thinking about UX issues too, as a bonus.


@garrett yes, I did this recently-ish (okay maybe a year ago?) as well! I think a few women I followed shared some women in tech lists, and I made a point to branch out in that direction and just diversify my follows in general after that. It has been pretty nice.

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