iOS 14 looks like someone took all of the features Android has had and iOS users have said they don’t need over the last decade, with a fresh coat of paint.

Mobile OS convergence continues. Wonder what Android 12 will look like now? :)

App Library: the app drawer. Even with suggestions, but smarter grouping—which I’d love to see in Android

Widgets: well, widgets

Smart Stack: Pixel at a Glance

Picture in Picture: almost identical to Android

New Siri UI: Google Assistant’s lower-profile look

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On-device keyboard dictation: been in Android for a while, most people didn’t realize Apple was sending your voice in real time to their servers before.

Translate app: Google Translate, including the live conversation mode. I wonder how this compares in use?

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Messages (wait I thought it was called iMessage): this one is more uniquely Apple, but looks like they’ve taken heavy inspiration from Telegram, Signal, et al. Good for them?

Apple, you’re in the RCS working group; when will you support interoperable, standards-based messaging?

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Maps: I think it’s hilarious they still have to tell people it’s as good as Google Maps… 8 years later. Yay for focus on privacy, boo for building yet another giant proprietary data set built on the shoulders of open data. :(

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Also didn’t realize Apple Maps didn’t support cycling… that has been super helpful in Google Maps.

Accessibility focus is commendable, EV routing is neat.

Did Apple Maps not show traffic congestion before or is this some other new feature I don’t understand?

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CarPlay and car keys: neat. Feels weird that one giant tech company needs to control all of these things, but sure I guess. They say they’re working on standards, but it sounds like it’s gonna be Apple exclusive? Can other companies interoperate with this on the phone side?

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App Clips: Oh, it’s Instant Apps. With NFC! Glad Apple invented this in 2020. 😜 As usual, the UX looks nice. But fundamentally it sounds almost identical as what’s been on Android for years.

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To be clear, I’m not blaming Apple for implementing these! It looks nice, and seems like big updates that Android users have been enjoying for a while. And w/Apple’s influence, I’m sure it’ll be well supported. It’s just entertaining seeing it from an Android user’s perspective.

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Apparently default browser and email apps are gonna be a thing, too. Is Apple… less stubborn these days?

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Also, friendly reminder: a we can poke fun at iOS or Android all we want, but a duopoly between some of the world’s biggest trillion-dollar companies is NOT healthy, nor in any users' best interest.

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