Handy has been a great addition to GTK development on elementary OS. We’ve started using it in some first-party apps, and I’m excited to see what third party apps like this do with it.

RT 's Handy library is pretty cool when it comes to making convergent experience. This is kind of what Pebbles may look like in a future version, in the next version of OS.


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While the ability to craft responsive UIs (like the Pebbles window) is neat, what I’m most excited about is how easy it makes working with multi-touch gestures. It’s the reason why you can two-finger swipe between pages in places like Onboarding.

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@cassidyjames hey so

is there a way to globally rebind the core shortcuts on Linux systems? Like rebinding ctrl-c to meta-c?

I don't mean remap. I mean rebind. I want ctrl to be ctrl, just not be the modifier for things like ctrl-c.

@aurynn @cassidyjames It's handled individually in per app so definitely not without a hack where your meta button is meta unless you also press c and then it turns into ctrl..

@penny @cassidyjames so I'd have to submit patches for all the toolkits?

Or each app itself?

@aurynn @cassidyjames Oh you're right, you could probably fix it at the toolkit level for 99% of things

@aurynn @penny …but probably also a bunch of apps that assume the other behavior or if there handling anything manually

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