Person files an issue on a repo just to shit on elementary, clicking past a “this is not for support” message.

Dev replies with a solution, but mentions it is out of scope for this issue tracker.

Person gets offended, says it's the worst customer support they’ve ever received.

Another! Email to my personal, non-elementary email:

“I'm doing eOS a BIG favour by beta testing your OS and it's asking for a donation!?”

And then,

“Anyway, sorry to bother you. I won't be testing your new OS release. I've deleted the Github account.”


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Another DM to me, which has since been deleted so I can’t quote directly:

Hey, why do you take do long to release?? Mint releases so much quicker. Also, where can I get a beta version? And could you hurry it up???

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I share this not to shame people specifically, and not for mountains of sympathy. But this is on the tame side of what open source maintainers deal with EVERY DAY. Many of them aren’t even fortunate enough for it to be their full-time paying job.

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Please leave kind words for open source folks. They need it. 💕

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@cassidyjames I love the community and hopefully I can support them one day. They all do a great job. =)

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