I don’t use Chrome and hate Google’s near-monopoly over the direction of the modern web.

That said… I got a tiny PR merged into Nativefier that enables builds on arm64, e.g. Pinebook Pro. github.com/jiahaog/nativefier/

Nativefier uses the open source Electron and Chromium code to wrap up a site into a “native” binary. So for anyone missing those proprietary Electron apps (Slack, Discord) that run like crap in other browsers but weren’t build for arm64, you can now make your own version!

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Note: Nativefier does not (yet?) automatically generate a .desktop file, which is the magic piece on FreeDesktop platforms (like most Linux-based OSes) that lets you add an app to your launcher, dock, etc. I might look into that next, but tbh the codebase is mostly over my head.

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Update: throwing my terrible hacks into a repo so that folks who need Slack on Pinebook Pro can use it. Only works on arm64 and with the specific build settings. github.com/cassidyjames/slacke

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