I propose THE MANDALORIAN weekly virtual watch party starting TOMORROW.

Season two comes out Friday, October 30—conveniently eight weeks away. Internet, let’s watch season one together each Friday leading up to it.

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*Nine weeks. Basically, enough time to watch each of the eight season one episodes before season two premieres. 😅

Alternatively, if you have not seen the behind-the-scenes Disney Gallery for The Mandalorian, I *highly* recommend it! It is also eight episodes, each focusing on a different aspect of the production from directors and cast to practical effects and score. Perhaps I’ll watch both.

Okay, let’s do this. Page with details and schedule added to my website.

Six hours away from me watching it! You’re welcome to watch whenever you want, but maybe if enough people want to do it at 8:30 PM Mountain , we can set up some sort of watch party? Be sure to join the GetTogether and comment there so I can gauge interest.

Just over an hour! You can get all the details—including a link to join the GetTogether—at my website.

10 mins! We have a Discord if you wanna follow along. Don’t make me regret posting this. 🙃

Oops, I said I would love tweet but just chatting in the Discord instead

Also if you're following along, we're 22:22 in RIGHT NOW

And that's a wrap for Chapter 1! Probably gonna start the Disney Gallery Episode 1 in… 20 mins? 9:30 Mountain.

Chapter 2 starts in just over 2 hours. 🍿🎟️ Join the Discord and watch with us!

30 mins! Man your battlestations, a.k.a. your streaming device of choice and our Discord. 😉

That chapter was fun, but so short. Rolling Disney Gallery episode 2 now. Catch Chapter 3 next Friday, 8:30 MDT.

Chapter 3 TONIGHT, 8:30 MDT. That’s in 12 hours! Come join our Discord to hang out and chat. Even if you can’t watch at the exact same time, you’re welcome to join and nerd out.

Come escape to a galaxy far, far away with us in about 15 mins. 🍿 Join the Discord and watch with us!

Because I'm bad at self promoting, I missed the start. is live now, around the 4-minute mark!

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@cassidyjames So, looks like I'll be resubscribing to Disney's streaming for a month in December, when season 2 has completed ... :-)

@cassidyjames I just started watching the show for the first time and I love this idea! The timezone is a bit off for me so I won't be joining the live events, but I'll sync my schedule.

I did want more Mando in my life, so I put together a little wallpaper slideshow thingy:

I'll be adding concept art wallpapers from future episodes after each viewing session, if anyone is interested in those.

@cassidyjames ah you are watching the Mandolorian? I haven't started myself, but I've heard good things about the show 🙂👍

@RyuKurisu yep, it's real good. You should watch along with us! Watch Chapter 1 sometime this week, then Chapter 2 next Friday. 😁

@cassidyjames I will seriously consider it. What time/timezone? 😎👍

@RyuKurisu we're doing 8:30 PM MDT, but anyone can watch along on or around the same day. 😁 See for the events on GetTogether and for a Discord server.

@cassidyjames haha if I watch 8:30 PM my time, I'll be spoiler it about 8 hours in advance of your timezone 😂


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