I still don’t understand why “socialism” is such a boogeyman. And why folks will argue until they are blue in the face that socialism is bad, and simultaneously that universally-beloved public services aren’t socialism.

Perhaps it needs new branding. 😜

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What if everyone contributed a small percentage of their income in order to ensure the elderly and folks with disabilities would have a financial safety net? SOCIALISM! Also known as “Social Security.”

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What if we all chipped in a bit to make our communities better and provide essential services to those who need it? SOCIALISM! Also known as, “social services.”

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How about we all agree to collectively fund a place for our children to get a comprehensive education, helping builds a foundation for the rest of their lives? SOCIALISM! Also known as, “public schools.”

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What if as a community we decided to collectively purchase and maintain a bunch of books and other media so anyone could read them and learn, be entertained, etc.? SOCIALISM. Also known as, “public libraries.”

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Hey roads are kind of critical to modern life—what if we decided to collectively pay to build and maintain them? SOCIALISM! Also known as, “public roads.”

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How is e.g. Internet access any different? We *require* Internet access for education, job searching/applying, and much of modern life. Why do we leave these virtual roads maintained by “capitalism” where they are guaranteed to be prohibitively expensive for the most at-need?

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Years of right-wing propaganda has caused people to vote against their own interests and against the interests of society as a whole.

@cassidyjames Yeah, we need to brainwash children about socialis starting early, in public schools. Colledge might be too late.

@cassidyjames In Sweden this small percentage is 33-56%. You are chipping in not just to support elderly. Someone should feed all these refugies, I guess.

@cassidyjames "Social Security" As we know it is just a debt hole, just like everything else with the US.
@cassidyjames Well in the US, the government spent nearly a century equating socialism with authoritarianism.

There are generations of people who have believed this their entire lives.

@cassidyjames You don’t seriously not know about all the massive amounts of funding going into propaganda to trick us into giving up our universally-beloved public services, do you? You’re joking, right?

@cassidyjames I think it's actually a category label problem, where "socialism" in the US is somehow taken to mean the state totalitarian "socialism" from the cold war (the second S in USSR), whereas socialism in most of the rest of the world just means the common or garden post-WW2 social democratic norms established in most of the West that provides public services though taxation. Also hi :-)

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