Goddamn, people on Mastodon can be entitled. Like, I use a Twitter cross-poster out of convenience and then *also* actively engage on Mastodon. But sure, call me a bot and dictate how I use an OPEN SOURCE AND FEDERATED SERVICE because you don’t want to see that I also use Twitter


Honestly, I think it is a huge mistake for Mastodon to not just treat Twitter like yet-another instance. At least automatically handle @-mentions in the @foo@twitter.com format. It feels like idealism to pretend Twitter doesn’t exist, but I think we should be far more realistic.

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And when there’s 10× the followers and engagement on Twitter—and 90% of the interactions on Mastodon are people telling you suck for using Twitter—it makes using Mastodon a heck of a lot less fun.

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And don’t get me wrong, I really like Mastodon! I have very different followers and conversations than on Twitter. But it is also unrealistic to pretend Twitter doesn’t exist. Make the software interoperate better instead of blaming users who are trying to actively use both.

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@cassidyjames I agree with you on all the toots on this thread.

@cassidyjames i guess the software interoperability problems are more on the side of twitter.

@cassidyjames Well, why is twitter special? Either the website implements activitypub or it doesn't. In this case, it doesn't. That's their decision as Mastodon shouldn't interfere with their namespace. I wouldn''t like it when people for no reason suddenly make up username in my namespace xy@shivering-isles.com even when a user xy exists. My namespace, my rules. Don't mess with it.

@sheogorath see, that's the idealism instead of realism. In reality, Twitter is a massive social network that Mastodon is explicitly designed to emulate. Sure, ideally Twitter would just jump on Mastodon, but that's likely to never happen. So Mastodon could bridge the gap to make the experience nicer for users.

Instead, we get threatening emails calling us bots, and angry toots telling us to get off the Fediverse. Real inviting.

@cassidyjames For the latter I'm definitely with you, that it doesn't really help.

But fact is: Don't poke around in other people's namespace. ActivityPub is a web standard and the same way we shouldn't have a browser that implements some sort of work around to access your website under other terms than yours, we shouldn't implement ActivityPub software that threads your domain different just because "you are big".

Also these days I would no longer say that Mastodon tries to mimic Twitter.

@cassidyjames @sheogorath

10× the followers and engagement on Twitter

Does it occur to you that there are a lot of folks who do not want "engagement" or "growth" or all these other SV nonsense that those businesses value?

Hell, most instances block mastodon.social because it's too big.

@lordbowlich @cassidyjames

"Does it occur to you that there are a lot of folks who do not want "engagement" or "growth" or all these other SV nonsense that those businesses value?"

Well, while we certainly have enough people who are bothered by such wording, it doesn't really help to bring understanding to people when one is talked to rather rude.

"Hell, most instances block mastodon.social because it's too big."

And while various instances do that for sure, I wouldn't say necessarily most.

@sheogorath @lordbowlich sorry to offend you by using the incorrect language. I am saying I personally get about 10× the social interaction on the other social network. Which means, I'm inclined to use it by default. But! I think Mastodon is cool and I actively post and reply to people over here, too.

But instead of that being something I'm allowed to do in peace, I get hostility.

@cassidyjames @sheogorath

I should be the one apologizing. That was too strong of a hot take. Thanks for being understanding.

I've just seen so many good small online communities get sucked up into the silos and disappear in the last two decades, and I've no sympathy for them anymore.

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