From now on when you say something cost an arm and a leg, know that arm is valued at forty billion dollars. 💸


Breaking: Nvidia is acquiring Arm for $40 billion


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@bamfic @cassidyjames god i guess so. what a huge loss for the world. this sucks

@bamfic @cassidyjames as much as I have tried to be optimistic about mergers and acquisitions in the past, i can’t think of a single example where it has been a positive outcome for the products of the acquired. ARM existed primarily as IP holdings and R&D, licensing its cores to other companies. in this role it was relatively— neutral. now if everyone has to license arm cores from NVIDIA that is not at all neutral- that’s a monopoly lever.

@bamfic @cassidyjames oh, i had no idea softbank had them. i wonder when that happened. looking at the wikipedia now.

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