Huh. Apparently Widevine isn’t available for Linux on ARM, or at least not automatically. I didn’t realize my processor architecture would matter when I’m using the exact same OS and browser version… 🙄 So just… no Disney+ or Netflix on Pinebook Pro?

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Dang it, Playdate released a new SDK and the Linux binaries are not compatible with ARM. 😭

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@cassidyjames I've been realizing my dependence on #Flatpak / Flathub too. While the technology is not architecture specific, everything is built for x86_64.

At least since I'm still on the #manjaro the #PinebookPro came with I can use AUR to fill in the gaps. Still...

@cassidyjames irony that a tech meant partly to abstract away distribution details end up locking you down to one platform

@michel_slm @cassidyjames This is not true. Many apps on Flathub are built for aarch64, there is nothing specific to x86_64 in Flatpak and the building process. Many apps are build x86_64-only because it's harder to build them for different arch or they are just repacked from other binaries. Almost all electron apps are repacked from binary deb packages and they are x86_64-only.

@zebranium @michel_slm yep, this. Nothing about Flatpak implies a specific architecture, and all the native open source apps I use work great via Flatpak. It’s the proprietary and/or Electron ones that aren’t built for ARM, and that has nothing to do with Flatpak itself.

@cassidyjames @zebranium my bad! I guess the standard is a bit weaker than on Linux distros, where by default a package gets built on all platforms and from source, but there are indeed aarch64 apps.

And yes, down with Electron!

There are a lot of applications that are either not up to date or simply not made for ARM.

@MadamMagellan proprietary ones, yes. Yet another downside. 😜 It’s pretty awesome that all of elementary OS AND AppCenter is able to be compiled to ARM, though, because we require it all to be open source.

True, many open-source, but I was actually thinking about electron apps and some stuff that uses the most recent opengl.
I have some simple open source apps I'd like and last time I tried it was because opengl was one minor version (1.3 -> 1.4?) Behind or because electron wasn't available.

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