I’ve played more video games this week than I have in a long, long time—all on Stadia because PS5 is still impossible to come by. And yep, this is the future of gaming. Seamlessly playing the same game with no console or PC on multiple screens depending on what’s convenient.

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I maintain that a hybrid approach may be the near-term future, with a powerful local console/PC for the highest fidelity and then cloud access for anywhere else, maybe as part of a PlayStation Network/Xbox Live/Nintendo Online/etc. type service.

@cassidyjames I'm all in on #Stadia! Especially with pro because I get so many games for free that I wouldn't otherwise play. And it plays very smoothly!

@revkellyn @cassidyjames I had Stadia Pro for two months but I cancelled it because my internet connection is so poor. I periodically try the games I purchased to see if there is any improvement. It’s a shame really because Stadia is great!

@cassidyjames I'm in the #geforcenow camp. I can play on my own machine while at home and continue wherever there is good enough net. Also I can put my already large enough libraries to use.
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