I touched a new iOS device yesterday. What a terrible unintuitive user experience. I'm glad I left the ecosystem with being more like iOS every day and working against developers.

@sexybiggetje Wait to experience Google's new gesture navigation in pixel 5 to see how Google loves to just copy everything Apple decides.

Mac actually has a feature I can't leave: touchpad features.
Why gnome has not picked up those? Maybe @codewiz knows better.

I don't use the pixel devices. For trackpad features take a look at the upcoming elementaryos 6 @elementary

@sexybiggetje @elementary @codewiz what if I want to stay in Linux but also have those features? Any suggestions?

Well it is Linux. But if you ask for your current distribution, no, I don't use gestures and trackpad much because of RSI.
@elementary @codewiz

@sexybiggetje @Maryam @elementary These are the #KDE settings for my trackpad, and I'm happy with my current configuration.

Could anyone share the macOS equivalent for comparison? What am I missing out?

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