Can we stop posting screenshots of statements on Twitter as the way to officially post statements? They’re neither accessible nor mobile friendly.

This seems like a solvable technology failing.

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Possible solutions:

1. Just, actually use Twitter to post it on Twitter. They have threads, effectively giving you an unlimited character count.

2. Post it on a website and link to it on Twitter.

3. Notes apps could provide a “publish” action, like

@cassidyjames totally agree. Even if you don’t have problems with accessibility it’s still an annoyance.

@cassidyjames do you think that it is people working around the character limit or to have enhanced formatting? (bold, italic, fonts, letterhead, etc.)

I'm also curious if politicians think they're making "memes" by doing that 😉 (look ma, I'm cool now!)

@ted mostly character count + looking “official” I think. Oftentimes politicians use some sort of graphic equivalent to a letterhead.

@cassidyjames the proliferation of screenshot discourse across facebook, twitter, tumblr, and random people’s is one of the greatest technology failings of the past decade

@warriorstar @cassidyjames Nothing is interoperable and it isn't technically "a document" so you can't really export it in any other way than screenshotting it.

Copying the text provides much less context and forces the user to deal with reformatting the mess that is copied html text.

People detest having to visit twitter, and tweets themselves are rather volatile to begin with, so outside of having an version of the tweet I don't see any way of making the copy more legitimate.

@cassidyjames Ha ha, here I was thinking this was about posting screenshots of Twitter posts on Mastodon

@cassidyjames I agree, Cassidy. They can do better than screenshots.

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