Now that is closing, I am looking for an alternative. For me, these are the most important things Simple does:

Simple Shared. Probably the biggest one. A joint account that we use as our main account, while still having personal accounts deeply integrated. All money comes into the Shared account, we each have our own debit cards, and transactions are marked with whose card was used.

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you know it's dangerous to have debit card right?
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@Dashtop it really isn’t, and people telling you this are usually shilling for credit card companies. Transactions are processed identically, they are just as secure, and both Visa and MasterCard have the exact same zero-liability policies for their debit cards as credit cards.

@cassidyjames I mean I just use cash, cause ya know :p
But thanks for the heads up

@cassidyjames and definitely will never get any cards, now I am not Greece am I?

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