I got an Onyx Boox Nova3! I have been playing with it a little it and will likely share more impressions later, but in a nutshell: it’s an e-ink Android tablet, and that is DOPE.

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Like, full on tablet. Here it is playing Stadia (seriously). Not like, with playable latency, but it runs. 😂

Why being a “real tablet” running relatively up-to-date Android matters, in a photo.

It may not be iPad Pro levels of low-latency, but the included stylus is nice and pressure sensitive. The notebook software is actually great with lots of paper and pen types. This was the main reason to buy this: to replace paper notebooks.

Oh, and the texture!! You can hear it; the screen itself has a sort of matte texture, but it came in the box with a screen protector. I installed, it—not very carefully, thinking I wouldn’t like it—and it is AWESOME. Very paper-like when using the stylus. It feels really great.

Also: being a full modern Android tablet means things like Nearby Share just work. Super fast to fling things between my phone and tablet.

(Sorry about the exposure and color balance here; it’s super hard to take photos of an e-ink and backlit device at the same time! I didn’t have the tablet front-light on, but it does have one so it is usable in any lighting condition, but I prefer leaving it off.)

Independently-adjustable warm and cool front-lights, in fact. Idk why they are independently-adjustable instead of having a color temperature slider and brightness slider, but sure, it works.

@cassidyjames That's...surprisingly cool looking, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit intrigued about trying it out. :)

Thanks for the review. I've remarkable 2 on my radar also. Still undecided

@cassidyjames well actually you can separate them to get the colour temperature you want and then have it be a brightness slider 😏

I'm orientating myself on e-ink myself and the Onyx Boox range are very tempting. However for my use case (digital music sheets) I need at least a 10" and those are pretty pricey! (Let alone the 13.3"!!!)

But recently #Boyue released the P10, which is very affordably priced at around $300 for a 10"! Goodereader Boyue Likebook P10 Review -

@cassidyjames how well does it handle regular apps? I saw on a store site that they suggest using their approved app store, makes me wonder if there are big issues with the non approved ones.

@cassidyjames How is the display latency? All the e-ink I've seen has latency that looks like early android, regardless of other hardware.

@knotteye I mean, it is e-ink. So it is not at all the same as a modern LCD or OLED—nor trying to be. It looks and feels like e-ink and you have to be okay with that. It has a few display modes you can adjust globally or per-app to optimize for image fidelity versus lower latency.

@cassidyjames ooh, I'm intrigued. I'll have to look at the pricepoint in case I can finally retire my broken old zenpad

@cassidyjames Can you use it as a display for another device? I think trere's an app for that in the store.

@albi you could probably rig something up. The larger tablets advertise support for that, but this one does not.

@cassidyjames Looks nice. I see they do a ten inch one too. Android makes a lot of sense on these devices.
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