Alright, with the latest multi-touch improvements to elementary OS 6, I think I prefer using a trackpad on the desktop to a “traditional” mouse. For example, swiping between workspaces is so much more natural by brushing your hand left or right.


As is swiping notifications away—just swipe ’em sideways if you don’t want them anymore. Or when you want to go back in the browser, just swipe the page away. Or when there’s a paged interface like the Applications Menu, just swipe through.

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If I was 100% a desktop user, I might not care as much, but it’s especially nice for me because I got used to all of this on my laptop—the fact that it now carries over to the desktop means it’s just as comfortable and intuitive no matter where I am.

Huge thanks to for donating an Apple Magic Trackpad to the cause, for all his work integrating this into the desktop, and for his work enabling this in our apps with Handy!

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