After having played this entire season of Destiny 2 on Stadia, I jumped on the PS4 for a bit.

Holy wow.

If I had to guess based on the experience, it feels more like the PS4 is the higher latency. I suspect this is mostly due to 30 fps plus the disk latency when opening menus.

But I continue to be bewildered at how exceptionally well Stadia works. It has no right to be this good. 😜 I have a next gen console for FREE.

Okay, for $69 for the controller and Chromecast bundle (if you didn’t get one when they were handing them out like candy for free over the holidays). But still, even without those, you can jump into Destiny RIGHT NOW for free from any Chrome-based browser on a computer.


Excited to do this comparison with Stadia and PS5, now! Only problem: I bought the latest season on Stadia because it runs so much better than PS4… and seasons are idiotically not cross-buy yet.

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