The DualSense haptics and triggers have ruined every other controller for me, and it isn’t even close. It’s next-level wildly good. I didn’t think that would be the defining characteristic of “next gen” to me, but graphics have hit diminishing returns—inputs apparently haven’t.

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Astro’s Playroom is a free game that comes with PS5, and it feels like something you would pay $20–50 to Nintendo for on Switch. And it’s just… there! And it perfectly demoes how bonkers good it is, and all the precise nuance there is to both the haptics and the triggers.

Like, if it’s this good in a freebie game included with the console, it makes me giddy to imagine how all the AAA exclusive studios are going to push it. And while things like motion controls can seem gimmicky, the haptics and triggers constantly affect how the game *feels*.

@cassidyjames Sort of makes me think about how Nintendo pushed HD rumble.

@Ertain similar, but this seems far more refined than even that—much closer to iPhone and MacBook Taptic Engine where it can be so precise that you feel like there is a physical clicking/tapping against the underside of the controller. An early demo in Astro’s Playroom is that the little robots are inside your controller, and you can feel exactly where they are when you move it around and they clatter around inside the handles based on your physical movement.

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