Nearing 2,000 signatures—and not just nobodies. There are several well-known individuals and organizations represented here, including founders and board members of large, wuffesscu open source projects.

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If your reaction is, “it’s just cancel culture,” or, “what about free speech?” please look at the situation more closely.

This is not, “some rando said an ugly thing so they should get fired from their job.”

This is: a longtime documented abuser with consistently abhorrent behavior being reinstated into a leadership position in the Free and Open Source community, and specifically the Free Software Foundation.

If your argument is that his personal views shouldn’t matter, counterpoint:

A leader shouldn’t espouse those views when representing a diverse community.

Also, it’s not limited to “views,” there is extensive documentation showing how his BEHAVIOR has been harmful for decades.

If your argument is that RMS has done so much for FOSS and we owe him anything, that is not true BY THE VERY DESIGN of FOSS.

He wrote a(n admittedly great) social document. That doesn’t mean he should remain in leadership while abusing people and defending abhorrent acts.

@cassidyjames what does the FSF even do other than have stallman step in shit now and then

RMS is out of jail? I have been arguing with that kid from the list Neil McGovern year ago about it and IBM/RH position.

What happened at all? RMS is just tried to get all facts from the letters itself. One unknown girl tells that all GNU and fsf are rapists organizations with RMS in charge of all?!

Lol it's like Neil McGovern should leave GNOME Foundation if some members have some issues bcs he is in charge!

@konkor lol you apparently don’t understand the situation at all, how GNOME works, what Neil does, and his track record at GNOME. Also, you’re barking up the wrong tree here, Neil is a friend and a great person.

You see if he is your friend/college you position is more flexible not so idealistic. Also I missed your provocative link on RMS haters?

All this folks from the list have own position like billion others. Most of them don't like GPL bcs of years of proven efficiency. They can choose any other licence or write own. RMS is more then director fsf it's the face of all open source!

Just leave him alone!

I don't want any kid near fsf like Neil McGovern or monetization or clowds etc

We should write such letter to Neil McGovern for bad boarding. He's too young to it.

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