Fun fact: Chrome OS—which recently surpassed macOS in market share—has never had “icons on the desktop” as a UI paradigm.

In case you somehow think that “desktop icons” are the thing that will make or break an OS.

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Mobile phones also pretty much all do window management instead of minimize... but old habitats die hard on desktop I guess.

@cassidyjames im so used to press super, type the first 3 letters and press enter, that i get pissed when I see icons on the desktop :blobthinkingeyes:

@cassidyjames Desktop icons are insane. I have avoided them since the late nineties.

@cassidyjames but where else should I scatter my hundred of unrelated files for easy access around?

@bugaevc @cassidyjames
It depends what you define as a market. All computers out there? No. Units sold in the US last year? Yes.

@bugaevc @cassidyjames found this which says so. If it’s true I’m guessing it mostly has to do with schools giving students chrome books during the pandemic.

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