I’m tired of big tech companies getting bigger and controlling every aspect of their user’s lives.

Why does the company that makes your phone also control your entire relationship to music? Why does that company need to make exclusive TV SHOWS?

Vertical integration run amok.

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I understand the proposed reasoning: “If they control the experience, it makes the experience better!”

But I don’t buy it, and don’t think the supposed benefit is worth it.

It’s ecosystem lock-in to create as big of a moat around their cash castle as they can. Nothing more.

It’s also a way to try to ensure competitors can’t compete. Sure, someone could come along and make a better phone, or a better app, or a better singular product.

But can they compete with the biggest company in the history of the world in producing content, making hardware across all categories, raking in billions of profits from kids buying in-app purchases? Or dictating the entire direction of the web and its advertising machine?

I’m just tired. I miss the days of small, focused products that work well together. A diversity of companies working together.

Now it seems everyone has to work *for* the giants.

If this sounds dire, it is. I encourage those who are similarly down about the state of tech to start thinking about and looking into small tech. There is a growing cohort of us fighting back.

It’s an uphill battle, but we’re prepared.

@cassidyjames I'm surprised to heat you say this after seeing you talk about your the Google products you have and even running a viewing club for a Disney TV show. Not a criticism just interested in how you find balance.

@cassidyjames Back in '07 when i started using Ubuntu, I remember using a chat client pidgeon or empathy or somesuch. And it integrated with EVERY chat thing out there. It was awesome. But then they started making it very difficult to make thirdparty integrations. And honestly, thats one of the worst hurdles.

If companies would just make a nicely documented, easy to interact with API or RPC or whatever for their products so they can work together with other stuff...

@cassidyjames But nono, we musn't just buy a product. We must sell our soul to use it.

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