The Android 12 and “Material You” design concepts look pretty, but as implemented so far in Android 12 Beta 1? I have my doubts. Everything feels WAY too big now, like “oh, huh, phones got big so I guess we need to make everything bigger to compensate.”

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Font sizes in the Settings app feel out of control. Quick Settings tiles are down to only four (from six) but take up even more space. A single notification feels like it now takes up nearly the entire screen while also having its contents cropped.

I understand that it is a beta, but seeing as how these implementations pretty closely follow the design concepts, I worry that Android 12 is going to feel a lot chunkier without much reason for it.

The little sparkly ripple effect feels… weird and out of place? It makes me wonder if there is more to this redesign that hasn’t been covered yet.

The stretchiness for overscrolling also feels super strange to me. I am not sure what it is exactly, but, maybe it feels like Material shouldn’t stretch because it never does in other contexts?

Okay fine I am getting used to this. It’s still a bit funky, but 🤷‍♂️

What’s annoying now is that it doesn’t work everywhere (Messages 👀), and doesn’t play nice everywhere (Twitter pull to refresh 👀).

Okay, after another day using the Android 12 Beta: this feels like Google aping some of the more stylistic choices from various OEMs and… somehow making it work?

Lockscreen clock: very Sony.
Stretchy overscrolling: very HTC.
One-handed UI: very Samsung.

This clock tho. 🤩 It’s also nice on the ambient display; photo from Max Weinbach. It will be even nicer when it picks up the colors from the wallpaper.

@cassidyjames Oh thats like it was in Firefox OS. Sorry, but I love it :D

@cassidyjames I like Samsung's make a blue dome, using Firefox vs Chromium really highlights the ripple button effect vs the instant action

@cassidyjames that's based on the previous Sony lock screen clock tho, the current one looks like this :)

@cassidyjames they still give the vertically stacked clock as an option tho.

@cassidyjames (screenshots from a Sony Xperia 5 mark 2, running Android 11)

@cassidyjames only one thing wrong there. It does not use the 24 hour clock 😋️

Anyhow, it kind of reminds me of... My old Xperia 3, I think?

@cassidyjames I'll finally be able to check the time without my glasses!!

@cassidyjames And Now I just saw this one, and realised: Yeah, you already noticed.

@cassidyjames sounds about right, every time they've done this sort of redesign it's taken another iteration or two after the initial release before it's really in a good state.

@cassidyjames Also, I really need to see that vid. The last time he did that was really good!

@RachaelAva1024 yeah! That’s why it’s still sitting there in my notifications; gotta watch it! 😅

@cassidyjames “Well, we gotta use all that screen real estate for something, lol.” -UI/UX designers. 🙃

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