Hey GNOME/GTK/Vala peeps: is there an easy way to detect arbitrary links in text in order to hyperlink them? I have seen app developers doing this pretty manually in a few places and never know if I should recommend an easier way.

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A recent example: calendar even descriptions. It's a freeform description field, but people and tools often put links in the field and it'd be nice if they were clickable in your calendar.

@cassidyjames for JS there are quite a bit of solutions, we are migrating from Autolinker to linkify currently

@cassidyjames Yeah, you need to deal with links manually. GtkTreeView does not have any automatic mechanism to detect and present "links".

@cassidyjames Not really what you're looking for, but for #giara I made a thingamajig that translates markdown into Pango markup. It should detect random links as well as far as I remember. It could be a good idea to have a proper GNOME/Gtk/Pango library to do this translation, given how ubiquitous markdown is.

@gabmus @cassidyjames pretty mclasen wants to support Markdown natively in Pango if someone is willing to put in the initial work.

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