It’s a SUPER early proof of concept that’s currently rough around the edges, but…

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D'oh, I just realized why the page load performance tanked: I’m parsing the theme-color on every network request lmao

Okay, this is where it landed so far. I’m probably not going to pursue this much more this week (edw is coming, after all!), and I feel like I may rewrite Ephemeral for OS 6 anyway… but it’s a cool proof of concept!

The downside of this approach (which is the same as in Safari and Chrome) is that the automatic contrasting foreground color might not match what the designer intended—even if it’s guaranteed to be good contrast.

Okay also found a good test case with real world colors. I forgot we set these per-app!

@cassidyjames looks great! But wouldn't it be better to wait for the #libadwaita recoloring API? This is just work that will be redone in a different way pretty soon.

Pretty much the only thing we need is WebKitGTK builds for #gtk4

Regardless, good job, it looks stunning 😄

@gabmus this is on elementary OS with GTK 3. elementary OS has had a recoloring API for years.

@cassidyjames Right, I totally forgot about that. As far as you know is the elementary recoloring API compatible with the libadwaita implementation? It'd be cool to have it working seamlessly across themes/platforms.

@gabmus as far as I know, no it’s not currently compatible. But I imagine we will be able to make them interoperable.

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