Pretty good flavor and not malty or boozy at all, but almost too strong cherry and very dry. - Drinking a Black Cherry Hard Seltzer by @ Untappd at Home —

Just heard and saw a military-style cargo helicopter fly over the Denver area, but it might be wildfire flight training? If so, carry on.

@sean for sure, it's just one of those little annoying things when apps don't actually try to support your platform. 😢

@sean hmm, it's been this way for me for a long time. Their client side decorations are trying to approximate GTK but aren't actually GTK and apparently they never thought to support a close button on one side and maximize on the other. 😁

Anyway, this CD now lives on our Plex server for any future need of creepiness. And the track data has been added to the MusicBrainz database!

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This could just be a case of folk songs changing over the years; my wife and I would have learned these in the 90s and early 2000s. This CD is apparently from 1988. But it is all very strange and would make an excellent background soundtrack for a creepy, Meow Wolf like exhibit.

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There are TWO different wrong ABCs (not to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle/Baa Baa Black Sheep). Bingo is off, not completely to the right tune. It’s Eensie Weensie Spider instead of Itsy Bitsy. Farmer in the Dell inexplicably has awful jokes interspersed. Happy Birthday is wrong.

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My mother-in-law has a CD of “101 Favorite Children’s Songs” except apparently it’s just volume one covering songs A through H.

Except, all the songs are just… off. Like they belong in a creepy exhibit.

@cooper my father-in-law is, but unfortunately he's not on social media. 😢

We made a pretty big under-the-hood change in AppCenter on elementary OS 6 Early Access builds lately and I’ve not heard anyone even notice. Which is the perfect kind of under-the-hood change. :)

TIL my XLR→USB audio interface works as an output device, too! I thought the output was just a monitor of the input, but it shows up and works as an output device from the computer.

This… makes a lot of sense, I just never tried it!

I’ll admit, I’m no audio expert—I’ve just been a self-taught audio engineer for live music performances and speaking events for a decade. ;)

If you have a whole studio with soundproof walls, sure, go wild. But man, a good old SM58 sure sounds WAY better for my setup.

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Okay all you people suggesting condenser mics for at-home podcasting, you’re wrong. With a condenser mic you hear the washing machine, the neighbor vacuuming, cars a couple blocks away, and your chair creaking.

With a dynamic mic, you just get: your voice.

omg now I’m being even more of a stereotype

I rebooted and now it works

thanks byeeeeee

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More specifics:
• elementary OS 6 (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
• USB interface is powered and shows a signal w/built-in light
• Star LabTop Mk IV (10th-gen Intel i3)
• Tried multiple USB cables
• Device doesn’t show in System Settings or PulseAudio Volume Control

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Alright, apparently I am going to be a Linux stereotype today. I have an XLR to USB audio interface (Behringer U-Phorua UM2) that usually just plugs in and works. Today it’s not even showing up anywhere as connected, and I don’t even know how to start debugging. 😖

Huge thanks to Gustavo Marques for their work on this, and the persistence on the long review process. :)

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