Folks who use #Ravelry regularly, have you

1) Found the new look and kept it 'cos you like it
2) Found the new look and kept it because whatever
3) Found the new look and reverted using the "Old Ravelry" setting


This #poll would appreciate 1,093 votes, please!

Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

There are three "trending now" hashtags in the sidebar on my profile page: (underneath the m.s server info, scroll down a bit)

Is that the only way to see trending tags?

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I found a pull request on the Github list, which suggests that trends should be showing up at the bottom of the Getting Started menu, but there's nothing there.

Does anyone know why that is? Are people just not using hashtags? :S

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I've got "Show today's trends" checked in settings, but I don't know where to find them. Where are they?

Should the number of accounts that can be followed by new users be reduced at the expense of the import feature in an effort to reduce follow spam?

Had some people tell me that the mark as sensitive button in the compose toolbar is not obvious enough and would be better as "R18" than the crossed out eye icon.

Wanna get a feel for what others think about it.

It used to say "NSFW" originally but that's a suboptimal term for sex workers and also people who may not want to view certain stuff even regardless of not being at a workplace

Which theme on Mastodon do you use most?

Do you still use Twitter?

Can we do polls under the hashtag so we can play with them? :D

OMG POLLS I've been out all day so this is my first chance to try it!

How do you feel about polls? :D

If you got a follow (or follow request) from me recently, be warned that following back will be very boring. :D

This account is one I use for tests, and I *might* use it as a back-up account one day, and I followed you all so I could see easily what my filters were hiding on my main instance without having to delete all the filters, for testing purposes!

These are my first steps in setting up a support and social group for trans and nonbinary people in Machynlleth.

I don't know how long it'll take, but it'll be a booked space in the evening rather than a café/pub and it'll probably be fortnightly.

Feel free to DM if interested!

Well, it's 6/0 in favour of, but then, I posted it on where I have... *counts* 49 followers. So, the bias may not be surprising.

I've got an account on and an established account on Which should I use as my main? VOTE NOW ON THIS TOTALLY BORING TOPIC!


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