Behold this kickass two part photo essay on butch folk (some of it's slightly NSFW but artistically)

Street poems
by chalk
soon disappear.
Soft winds
and night's dew
reducing verse
to colorful dust;
words, only
temporary pillars
of an idea
etched into
What remains,
is love.

#dailysketchchallenge "Water"

Water... Waterwheel... they are a team and achieving things

Sometimes when it's really hot I think about South Africa. I miss being close to the beach and sitting in my landlady's kitchen with her dog, feeding her scraps. I miss my students and their eagerness to teach me Afrikaans. The rooibos in the staff room, the samoosa stand down the road, the house lizards.

It's hard to remind myself that it's all still there when I'm ready to go back. For now, I have memories and postcards.

Two days out from an international flight is an odd time to make friends, but when's better? We love people best when they're rare occasions.

Looking for dyspraxic gamers- anyone around? For a friend, her son has dyspraxia and she's reaching out. Got a mysterious envelope in the mail today. Some west-coast lunatic mailed me some vile lies about our troops. Can you believe it?

Little phrases wind themselves up in my head. It's like having a song stuck there, except with Darlings instead of notes. They keep begging to be published. If only they'd at least organize themselves into proper sentences.

The itch of wanting to write and having everything to say.

The desire to be silent and watch the world spin on its own.

The quivering hands.

One woman with a tiny child, unable to pay. Another woman with another tiny child, who pays for her. Embarrassed, shouted gratitudes are exchanged across the parking lot.

Death mention 

I trained a neural network on a list of deleted Wikipedia titles. Not sure who is weirder this time, neural net or humans.

Death mention 

They were the only tears, except my own, I ever saw in that Golden Age.

A friend once pointed out to me what a marketing coup the term "identity theft" was for the banks.

There is no such thing as identity theft. There is only companies' opening accounts in the wrong people's names. The culprits are companies who do an inadequate job of making sure their customers are who they say they are.

And yet the cost of this incompetence is borne almost entirely by someone who had no direct involvement in the actual crime.

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