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I just wrote a thank you email to one of my students. In class last week I asked them to teach me - I'm 100% willing to learn, but what students are comfortable pushing the teacher out of their comfort zone and exposing their weaknesses (as budding teachers and the teacher's weakness as a learner)? -in front of the rest of the class?

The answer would be the one who just received my thank you email.

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The dome opened to reveal a million bright stars shining in the heart of the milky way

The music started softly and, alone, in pairs or in larger groups, dancers joined together, each step part of a larger whole

Quietly yet heard by all, an old robot introduced the evening. "Tonight", it said, "is about unity."

They danced until sunrise, and slowly dispersed to travel back to their worlds, knowing that somewhere, in planets far away, they had friends to be counted on

#writing #flashfiction

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6am Music practice essentials... heading out to the Music room (aka shed)

I woke up this morning with the words: everything you do is a choice
In my head. Choosing music right now.

Early morning

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another bakery gif, keeping the displays stocked 🍩 🍰 🐈

#art #mastoart #gif #animation #creativetoot

I'm stupid, that "foot" should have been "door."
Proof reading saves lives.

An entire room of retirees smiled for her, the three year old. She commanded the diner traffic on her way to retrieve a colouring book from the milk crate by the foot. The waiter paused to let her by and the cashier smiled down at her. A calm, cold morning, blessed by smaller, simpler folks.

Hey ! Central IL here, about 90 minutes from St Louis, 4 hours from Chicago, 2 hours from Indy. I can do minor (very minor) work on brass instruments, including cleaning. Feel free to message me about your horn.

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@catastrophe I don't know why, but your story of the clothing store reminded me of scenes from childhood, when my grandmother worked in a clothing store (she often was organizing pants, so maybe that was the spark) and we used to do hide/seek through all of the racks in the store when visiting her. She'd run out of patience after a bit, yell at us (in a grandmotherly way), and we'd have to come out from under the winter coat rack, which was alway the best hiding place.

Hey masto, does anyone like ? On the off chance there's any fans here, here's a link to my Sakana-mas gift exchange.

Got lost in the store today. A lady organizing pants asked me if I was lost and, giggling slightly, directed me to menswear when I admitted I wasn't awake enough to find it on my own. Listened to a discussion about a very old shirt while I tried on new work pants and watched a cashier play with a customer's baby granddaughter at self-check. The people here like to hide how gentle they are.

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Heyyy new here. Game artist and toymaker. Here's my latest work. Paper tank model kit.

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Mastodon, for new users:

Masto is great because there was an instance called, in which nobody who made an account could use the letter "e"

This was followed up by the creation of, in which you could ONLY post the letter "e"

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As you can see, it's already off to a great start!

Like yeah I could have worded that better, but people have said intentional, vicious, misleading BS about the project and I've never seen @Gargron drag them in front of all his followers.

Community expectations flow from the top. This is a bad omen.

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The kid has an episode of Powerpuff Girls on the TV. I'm in the kitchen making coffee. The feeling is something like nostalgia, except I'm not remembering my own Saturday morning cartoon days. It's like memory being reflected through a one way mirror; thinking about the small routines children watch their parents go through, and the bits we hang onto as an image of adulthood. Now I'm the one with the coffee, wondering if my parents ever looked at me and thought about their own mother like this.

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(reposted because I made a mistake) Hey, y'all, I wrote a for a class if you'd like to read it. Please excuse my misunderstandings of how computer science works. This was meant to be about and digital privacy. It's deeply inspired by @aral and his work, as well as James Tiptree Jr's "The Girl Who was Plugged In!"

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Restaurant concept: You're seated at a table with a selection of jams, spreads, syrups, etc. There's a toaster in the center. A server brings you things you can toast, and premium toppings like fancy cheeses and avocado.