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"In Firefox 69 we’re launching “Discovery Stream” which is a newtab experience with more Pocket content." - man, every time i read something like this i'm all 😬 😬 😬 😬 hoping it won't be another big user-alienating PR fiasco. it's very important that firefox continues to exist and claws back market share from chrome.

Studying pedagogy in a training session today for volunteering to teach CS in high schools. It's a little mind bending to have to consider the structure and techniques of a lesson being given to you while still considering the actual contents of the lesson.

They're barely able to pass a difficult chart

One of those times when 10 casuals team up on DDR to each take a panel of their own...

I ate this whole tub of shaved frozen milk this weekend. The cashew butter was clutch with the bananas.

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This past weekend I won the lowest skill level at a location badminton tournament! 🏸 Second time entering a tournament, first time winning. 😄


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