Open Learning as a Means of Advancing Social Justice: Cases in Post-School Education and Training in South Africa (Edited by @Tabisa2012, @GovenderShanali & @CherylHW) @CILT_UCT
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I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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Much respect & props to


The Reasons for Judgment from Proctorio's loss are in:

I'm so happy! This victory clarifies the narrow scope of what can be appealed during a Protection of Public Participation Act application. The time, stress, and cost will be reduced by a lot! 🙂😌


PLEASE SHARE! I am soliciting stories about working in under austerity. Read more and contribute:

*waving* resurrecting my old Mastodon account. hoping to find and follow friends... and remember what I'm doing here.

Hello, hello, I just want to share this video that a colleague sent me. Thinking about how we see one another.

hello friends! I'm returning to Mastodon after a bit of a gap - some time off and some writing time. I plan to submit my PhD at the end of 2017 so I'll be parceling my time a bit differently over the coming months.

however, I am grateful to find many of you here, still - thinking out loud. this is a unique space, that is clear. thanks for making it so. I'd still like to visit and participate, even if not on a regular basis. hope that will work, for me & for everyone :)

"I love it and now I will write it. This is now a history of my love of it. I hear it and I love it and I write it. They repeat it. They live it and I see it and I hear it. They live it and I hear it and I see it and I love it and now and always I will write it. There many kinds of men and women and I know it. They repeat it and I hear it and I love it. This is now a history of the way they do it. This is now a history of the way I love it." – Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans, 1934

I'm so interested in @Triplefox's reply, that: "this group has a tendency to spiral into 10+ person mentions very frequently, more than most."

More than most, I think we do. Maybe this is part of what we came here seeking, the room to spiral out into larger conversations than Twitter allows.

I'm really conscious we're in a space built by and for people seeking other things, that has enabled us to do this spiralling out together.

@catherinecronin @Dan_Blick

@taniasheko @catherinecronin @Carolinekuhn @mdvfunes @Eileenkennedy01 Also Berger:

"Hope, however, is an act of faith and has to be sustained by other concrete actions. For example, the action of approach, of measuring distances, and walking toward. This will lead to collaborations which deny discontinuity. The act of resistance means not only refusing to accept the absurdity of the world-picture offered us, but denouncing it. And when hell is denounced from within, it ceases to be hell."

welcome and lovely to see you here @Carolinekuhn @Eileenkennedy01@taniasheko :)

@katebowles @Tdorey @mahabali @actualham @Dan_Blick @fgraver @jaklumen

I feel like we need more space

More in-between

More time

More dead air

Instead of this incessant push to fill fill fill

Time and space

With words and media

Perhaps thought and thinking

Could go far

@Tdorey @katebowles @mahabali @actualham @Dan_Blick @fgraver @Autumm @clhendricksbc @jaklumen sava writes about inclusivity & exclusivity - I've been thinking about that in relation to Mastodon/Twitter. I know many who use Twitter in a 'light touch' way, but still feel part of academic Twitter. I don't want to abruptly 'leave the room'. I'm thinking about how to use my limited time in various spaces... for myself as well as for wider communities that I feel part of, and that I care for.

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sigh. the hardest thing about Mastodon is 'popping in' before going to bed & finding so many great conversations. alas, I'll return in the morning to pick up the breadcrumbs, follow a few colourful threads. many thanks all.

@econproph @cogdog @injenuity Actually, I wondered that. And there would be days I might want to weep and you might want to chortle. When we meet and speak in person, we don't insist on sharing a common verb. Humans narrate in a nuanced range of modes all at once.

What an interesting question. For this one, my button would say "Muse"

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