Thinking of migrating my mastodon account to a self-hosted single-account server. I don't really use the local timeline on mastodon dot social ever, although maybe that indicates I should find a different instance with more related interests

I made a mastodon instance at but I'm still kinda tooling with it. Gonna make either a script or a DB trigger to auto-delete toots after 2 weeks

Actually, I guess there's all those Twine games, those are Zorklike

Roguelikes were pretty hot for a minute, but how about Zorklikes

@Louisa thanks! that was my partner's work! He was good but our pet rat may have eaten most of him now

you: im a furry, but here in the future, you have to be extremely rich to be one. if youre not rich, you only get to be a goose

me: what the fuck

goose 1: honk

goose 2: honk

goose 3: honk

goose 4: honk

goose 5: honk

goose 6: honk

I bought some glasses and I hope they look cute on me

People say Java has a lot of boilerplate. Consider this 52 line counter in typescript + react + redux

maybe I'll make a website how bad could it be, just gotta learn uh

node, react, redux, typescript, css4, selenium 2: webkit edition, electron, photon, proton, stick shift, and reverse assembly for the web

all of the above will be laughably obsolete in 3 weeks where I have to learn Micky Mouse's New Stack

I remember growing up, we didn't have money to buy games often, but sometimes I'd get to rent one from the local video store, then I'd shotgun the game over the three day rental period

The ones I did own, like Smash 64 and Mario 64 and Zelda OOT I played over and over and over

One of the contexts where archival and murder have convergent definitions

Ancient bog archivist, dragging relatives into the mire

Throwing some important cultural artifacts and history texts into a peat big for preservation for future generations

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