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Got my order of @Rowyn books! They look fantastic. (I say as if I haven't already read the e-editions twice <3)

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it's this little buddy

i demand we appropriate it immediately

folks have taken to calling it Gaysper

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"Release me," the frog said, "and I will grant you a wish."
"Oh!" the boy said, "I wish to understand all animals!"
All the way home he listened to birds, and he excitedly told his father.
"That's nice," his father said, but the boy heard "Whatever, don't disturb me."

me: hey look there's new hidden almanac
hubby: ooh *fiddles with computer*
us: ... ... ...

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Good things about drinking tea: it's hot and soothing and delicious.

Bad things about drinking tea: why does it come in such a smol mug tho.

I have crocheted so many things this month. Who am I. How did I get here.

Whereas I just spam people with gifts from the brewery next door. I really hope nobody thinks I'm a drunk pregnant cat. >_>;;;;;


I read 120k words inside of 24 hours and now my brain is vibrating slightly.

58% done and they've had 1 kiss. ONE KISS. This romance is so chaste and wholesome and adorable and sweet, I want to slap everybody involved.

The unexpected solidarity of prostitutes is a gut punch of feelings for which I was not prepared. O_O

me: it starts with a death, an inheritance, and an attempted suicide.
husband: so I take it this is a T. Kingfisher book.

fyi @ksonney XD XD XD

wooooo whiplashing wildly between wtf, omg, and dying of laffs.

aaaaand we're back to injuring myself laughing too hard.

I have to say though, this is the opposite of what I'd expect from a.... *checks notes* er, hm, a fantasy romance?

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