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Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is

Because I'm struggling with a system configuration, I had a "clever" idea: pretty print the list %%desktop-services and then from there, interactively, gradually build my own list of services

Well, the %desktop-services list is huuuuuuge

it takes me a minute to scroll it all !!

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[PDX] call for lgbtq+ assistance/houising Show more

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This is happening. Reichenstein calls it the โ€œre-revolution.โ€

My resurrected โ€œblogโ€ (ugh, need a new word) will be back online. One more resistance fighter in the re-revolution.

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American state-sanctioned violence against school kids Show more

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Has anyone an example of a config file for a installation ?


it's a sad saturday evening ๐Ÿ˜•

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Today I have been playing around with the Maxima code base. My goal is to eventually build a CLIM-based user interface on top of it, instead of the pure text-based interface that Maxima has.

What really needs to be written is a maths renderer for CLIM. Calling out to LaTeX to do the rendering is not ideal.

Ok the glitch I was having with running Guix images in Qemu is gone

All I had to do was gc'ing

In the next future I'd like to open some bugs related to the Gnome desktop on Guix

The LibrePlanet program is full of extremely interesting stuff

I'd really love to attend

I'm afraid I messed up my GuixSD installation ๐Ÿ˜•

last time I used sudo -E guix pull and now I can't guix pll anymore

Weird messages about a missing guile 2.0.9 and a missing guile-git

not even from a checked out Guix ๐Ÿ˜•

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no, ok, they received it now

maybe they were just trying to discourage me

it's here

the post was inviting me to a "debate" wether the euro was a mistake.

And I used the tag and a link to

censored it. Because that's the word

suggested me a toxic sponsored tweet.

I made a crtitcal tweet urging people to join mastodon

Guess what ? Theh tweet can't be published

"qualcosa รจ andato storto means "something went awry"

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Does anyone know of #FLOSS business plans which preserve developer autonomy and maximize user value?

Pay-walling and Freemium are financially exclusive; hosting adverts is aesthetic suicide. Donations can be good, but often don't provide enough security for developers of new projects. Paying for features can complicate developer priorities, drawing focus away from the backend.

I'm interested to hear all ideas, both theoretical and practiced.

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Today I quickly put together this tool that has been doing pretty well: find a working Sci-Hub domain.

Tip: immediately redirects you to a working domain.


This is a few days ago. Today the weather is grey ๐Ÿ˜”

will studying esperanto help me with learning German too ?