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I'm a cisgender white male.

But I'm not a coder, not in the classical sense of the term

So I feel the entitlement of the white male coder vividly that this article describes

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Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is

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dharma practice Show more

software can be free software without being GNU software

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Telling people to calm down is shitty, ugly behavior. Spread the word.

I'll go to the small shop at the corner, I'l buy some mozzarella cheese for dinner

I'd devolve a donation through liberapay of course

in order to be supportive of the people, I'd like to move to a new instance

Which instance could I move to ?
Why ?

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Trump camps - take action! Show more

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If you want to help keep LGBTQ+ folks in Portland Oregon safe from “Proud Boys” that have vowed to bash us and have already attacked at least one person this past week, consider donating for our grassroots effort at offering safe rides for folks, prioritizing the most vulnerable. We have a fleet of drivers who are offering free rides and donations will go toward ordering cars for folks when we don’t have drivers and compensating drivers SQ and venmo: queeriam Paypal: eliemhoover at gmail

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Google's diversity numbers are still dismal I don't even know what people truly expect. Nothing is going to change in any significant way. The ruling class likes things the way they are. This is just theater.

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@yogthos Yes, I look forward to that. I really really *really* dislike JS. Sooo much brain damage in one language. Did you know that it has TWO null values?

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Definitely trimming my follow list a bit tonight.

At the end of the day, I'm grateful when people show me where they stand. It makes what I have to do so much easier.

A lot of people like to pretend they care about diversity and fairness, but the real always comes out in the end.

I often show them mastodon and invite them over

but they treat this thing of mine as a fixation, an oddness on my side

they couldn't care less about centralization, federation, freedom and social responsibility

They fight with the most basic rule first: be happy

The name I gave to that list is extremely appropriate

the tradeoff is only mine

The choice if an online service serves me or not r if the tradeoff is acceptbale is mine and mine only

I'm having a whole lotta fun !

I love being light, lighthearted

and even if I never met none of them, I'm getting affectionate

I forgot: I saw them on line, of course

So now every day I am interacting with these young and not so young gay men

Some are living abroad, some are southerners like me

I am bringing in those interactions a level of intimacy I never brought anywhere else

yes. On twitter

when I saw some guys on a beach with an inflatable horse with a rainbow patterned mane

They are partners in life, roughly 10 years younger than I am and they moved me

They were living their relationship with a level of freedom that I never conceded to myself, especially whan I was younger

So I made a list named "role models" and I put them in that list

of course in a short time the list has grown a lot

I was struck by an argument made by a non binarry person about mastodon and gargron

They said that although Twitter is evil, it still protects them is some ways more than mastodon does

So I'll make my admission here, right now

In these days I am using twitter A LOT

I am interacting with people I never interacted with

it all started...

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Github and Gitlab provide integration and experience to people

so git might be free but to whom's freedom does it cater to ?

git is terribly hard to use.

there are web sites collecting oes about the git manual pages.

the consequence is Github

and Gitlab