nice! quick questions:

- what guile software do you use for blogging? is it haunt?

- what's with the super long domain of your live blog? :)


yes, it's Haunt.

Not the released version, though, I'm using a git checkout, I don't remember why

As for the domain name, I simply didn't want to spend more money on a decent domain name, so I settled down with the name that was given to me as a default by the hoster of my vps (a German povider, I can't remember its name now)

You should probably get a domain name sooner rather than later. If you decide to get one later, and you move your blog to the new domain, it would break all links to your blog posts. Unfortunate, but we're stuck with this DNS system for a while.


someone observed that I should also se https

I hate system administration tasks :blobugh:

Hopefully, Guix will automate most system administration tasks in the long term.
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