I'm a cisgender white male.

But I'm not a coder, not in the classical sense of the term

So I feel the entitlement of the white male coder vividly that this article describes


@catonano this is an important blogpost, and I say this as a cisgender white male.

@catonano a distributed social messaging system should not depend on a monolithic codebase. Ultimately, we are back at the original issue that provoked the free software movement - developers should not control the users through their programs.

Has the person considered paying someone to change Mastodon in the way they would like it to be changed, since they cannot code themselves? They could instantiate that forked version.

@catonano additionally, I disbelieve that there are no other people in the same situation who are able to associate and either pay someone for modifying Mastodon to suit their needs or make that change themselves. The issue of online trolls (for any definition of "troll") has been long debated and there must be other people who are willing and/or able to help fixing that issue.


@cassolotl If you're still around, maybe you could find my insight useful about your Mastodon-leaving post. Feel free to poke me for chat, too.

@phoe @catonano Check my timeline for a follow-up post I made about privilege and paying for coders to work on FOSS for you and stuff.

@cassolotl @catonano

> It is therefore safer for marginalised people to use centralised software under large companies that are accountable to the law.

From what I have seen, Mastodon markets itself as a network that is much more immune to data mining than centralized networks.

Which, adding this to your blogpost arguments, just screws the marginalised people further, if you put it that way, because they have no choice but to be mined by these companies. Hm.

@cassolotl @catonano

That's an insightful pair of posts. I'll think about them and maybe produce a blogpost response; if not, I'll just post things on Mastodon.

@cassolotl @catonano

Basically, if you are already marginalized, then the only way in which you may be un-marginalized is the conscious choice of the marginalizing party. If you are unable to code, have no time and have no money, then you are completely screwed under capitalistic laws.

@cassolotl @catonano Nation-wide social programs provide some means of living for people who have been screwed up by life that way; I just thought of a program that would be analogous, except for programming projects.

Now that I think of it, it sounds logical. Digital life is becoming more and more important for us; it only makes sense that people recognize this and put proper attention on that - and by attention, I mean concrete funds and an ability to vote on what's required to be done.

@cassolotl @catonano

Thanks for these posts - they've been insightful to me. I'll think wider of what and how I code when I work on my own free software projects thanks to them.

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