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Today I posted about for the first time

It was also the first time in my life that I took part in a discussion in which issues are involved

It's a few ours and I'm already exhausted

A tsunami of bro dudeism, people feelig attacked if they want to refuse a feature, people claiming this is a whim, "brats want Gargron to do what they want", from their lofty rooms full of videogames

people interjecting out of context, as Mr Beans...

Catonano @catonano

It's absolutely awful

This is the online transgender experience !!

It's incredible !!

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@catonano From what I’ve read, their experience can be much worse. We are both cisgender white men, and we do not live in a society in which lots of people are asking loudly for our rights to be taken away. Debating with others can be tiring for us, but having to defend one’s own existence is way more exhausting.

@miramarco @catonano It definitely is worse, but you are getting a peek into it and it is truly awful. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this shit.